Earlier production of the PV-System at location NL7559KW7

The website zonnestroomopbrengst.eu is a big, online database with information of PV-systems.
From that database you find below extracts with production-information for the subsystem-configurations

Slangenbeek7559A was the first PV-configuration from April 11, 2004 till July 01, 2011.
Slangenbeek7559B was the intermediate successor configuration, before growing to Slangenbeek7559C.
Stepwise growth enabled by the modular setup of configurations applying panel-clusters with STECAGrid500-inverters.
The elements of Slangenbeek7559A [= 3*PSM125 & 1 PSI300 module-inverter] in transition have been replace by 3 more modern panels and 1 STECAGrid500-inverter.
The database of present Slangenbeek7559C includes the historic data of it's 2 predecessors.
Segment Slangenbeek7559A is not active anymore as a separate cluster.
As latest modification of the PV-system being a split from Slangenbeek7559C with a different inverter, label Slangenbeek7559B has been 'recycled' as container for this split-off.


The operation of the motherwebsite has been interrupted from May 2018 till October 2018 due to reorganisation related to GDPR.
As a consequence the data-contents for the website for Slangenbeek7559 over the missing period needed manual, basic fill-in
and are at some levels incomplete for presentation.
Since May 17, 2019

  • the automatic fill-in for National and Regional References is erratic,
  • the automatic upload for Subsystem info is sometimes missing,
  • many auxiliary/support functions of the website are Off:
    • the daily Subsystem-info may be missing until manually added.

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Survey for PV-segment 580Wp & SOLIS-inverter

This segment comprises on the adjacent picture the 4 CIS-panels most right:
the east-looking group E according to this table.


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Survey for PV-segment 2700Wp & STECA-inverters

This segment segment comprises the groups B, C, D en G according to this table.
Components: 1140+1230Wp south-looking, plus 330Wp east-looking (~2 CIS-panels), at the righthand bottom edge of the array of east-looking panels.


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Survey for PV-segment 430Wp & Involar-inverters

This segment comprises on th adjacent picture the 2 panels at right near the edge:
the south-looking group A according to this table.


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Survey for PV-segment 1530Wp & SAJ-inverter

This segment comprises on the adjacent picture the matrix of 9 nearest CIS-panels:
the east-looking group F according to this table.


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