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Measurement/ Detection of Gasses CO, NH3 and NO2 by sensor MiCS6814

Sensor6814As start a basic configuration which is rather broadband, with a combined gas sensor which in (limited) quality and (limited) sensitivity is compatible with the dust-sensor GP2Y10
Sensor type MiCS6814 is best available, already implemented on a break-out PCB
With multiple sensors it measures & reports gas level divided in 3 signals for CO, NH3 and NO2, as a kind of spectrum-survey aimed at
"detection of pollution from automobile exhausts and for agricultural/industrial odors" [quote from datasheet].
Relative to the single value measured by the companion type MiCS2714,
this latter capability of type MiCS6814 seems useful for a role as 'general alerter',
and for some 'practical learning' about the contents of the environment.

GP2Y10Setup GP2Y10&IMCS6814Setup The 3 analogue signals from the MiCS6814 are read by the channels 0 till 2 of an ADC type ADS1115.
Till the availablity of a simple, local calibration & scaling, these ADC-signals initially will be scaled on the 10 bits of the ADC => 0 till 1024 units,
directly compatible with the setting for readout of ADS1115: fullscale = 1024mV => 1unit = 1mV
When calibration has been found, either the controlling ESP8266, or the next stage in Domoticz for each type of gas will translate/scale the measured amount of units into microgram/m3.
Adjacent to the gassensor an extra (simple) thermosensor LM35 measures the temperature of the air flowing over the gassensor:
the sensor LM35 is physically fitted close and hovering over the gassensor for a local measurement of temperature as close as possible.
It's analogue output is a linear voltage of 10mV/degree, read by channel 3 of the same ADS1115:
also this 3rd channel of the ADC applies the setting of fullscale = 1024mV => 1unit = 1mV => resolution = 0.1 degree
anticipating the measurement of positive temperatures.
For setup the MiCS6814-Gassensor is combined with the GP2Y10-Dustsensor, housed in a cabinet as normally used for an alarm:
that cabinet provides solid metal walls, but still free airflow incl. metal gaze against intrusion of insects etc.
Outside antenna required to assure Wifi-communication for the controlling ESP8266.
Power regulator for ESP8266 also takes care for the sensors.
General measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure by a BME280-sensor at the bottom of the housing.
The cluster of Gassensor+Thermosensor is free-hanging within the housing in front of the dustsensor:
no protection against fluctuating temperature, moisture and dust from ambient air, as would be required for more stable measurements.

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ToDo-List for the 'basic' configuration

To be investigated & to be developed:

For an 'Extended Configuration' the concept must be developed from scratch:
still in infancy.

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